To be a Leading Industrial Gases
Solution Provider in Vietnam

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Technical services

We position ourselves as an Integrated Solutions Provider for our existing and potential customers as well as to the market at large.

We aim to be the Subject Matter Expert in all things relating to Industrial Gas, including design, installation and operation industrial gases system such as plants, tanks, equipment and has the ability, technical know-how and applications to render the backend support in terms of liquids/gases, maintenance of gas equipment and accessories, replenishments, comprehensive technical support, etc. to enhance their performance. 

Our Supervisors and Engineers, equipped with both safety and technical knowledge, visits customers together with the sales team and are in the position to identify the current gaps within the customers’ systems and offer immediate solutions.


ISO Tank Leasing

  Here’s a list of advantages you might want to look through if you consider leasing ISO Tank.    With ISO tank leasing, there’s no capital investment...


On-site Refilling

- Refilling for pryozone units- Refilling for storage tanks- Liquid Carbon Dioxide- Liquid Nitrogen SSBCEPL provides on-site liquid refilling for pryozone, and customer’s...


Tank Repair

We shall provide the following tank repairs:   Vacuum Pulling  Leak Check & Test  Tank Refurbishing  Class Recertification  Replacement of...


Helium Leak Test

We provide helium leak test for LNG and LPG vessels  Leaks can contribute to consequences from safety and economical aspects. Therefore it is important to localize and remove...


Pipeline Freezing

Often, hotels and shopping centers are required to modify or repair certain air duct/water pipelines in the building without shutting off the main valve.  We shall propose the...


LNG Global Testing

Global test is a specialized non-destructive test designed specially to test the integrity of the primary and secondary barriers of LNG vessels’ membrane cargo tanks.   These...


Change of Cargo

- For loading of a different cargo after previous one- Purge cargo tank to new specified requirementOccasionally, when the vessel is required to load a different cargo after its previous...


Tank Blanketing

- Serviced on loaded cargo tanks- For safe execution of hot work after loading- Reduce risks of tank explosionGenerally, this process is done onto cargo tanks that are loaded, as in...


Tank purging

Tank Inerting: This process is generally carried out after the vessel dry-docking in shipyard before they proceed to the next loading terminal for loading of cargo. Normally, a surveyor...

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